TSX-Separately Excited TSE-Series Wound NPS – Power Supply – DC-DC Converter
•Regenerative braking •1000 amps peak current • Low resistance
•Programmable PWM switched outputs •Resistive or voltage throttle input • High Current Capacity at 600 amps peak
•Contactor-less motor reversing •Rugged anodized aluminum housing
• High power density and rugged construction
•Separate armature and field current limits •Emergency reverse function • User configurable CAN interface
•Automotive-quality AMPSEAL™ waterproof

•Safe sequencing and   power up diagnostics

• Fully programmable with the Navitas PC Probit programming package
Thermal protection
•Fully Programmable
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• Regenerative braking
CAN-open interface
Copyright © 2013 Navitas Vehicle Systems Inc.
• Static return to off (SRO) function • Safe Sequencing